Environmental Responsibilities

Warwick Cleaning Services Ltd (T/A Warwick Services Group) recognises its responsibilities as an commercial cleaning provider and acknowledges the long and short-term effect of its business on the environmental, in terms of the cleaning agents used and in handling waste disposal.

Warwick Cleaning Services Ltd (T/A Warwick Services Group) welcomes the introduction of legal measures, we know that real progress can be made on environmental issues, but it can only become an active policy through the action of individuals: To this end the Company has accepted a positive policy to promote a practical every day commitment to the environment.

This environmental policy is dedicated to the initial reduction and eventual elimination of significant pollution likely to emanate from the activities of this company.

This will include a commitment to:

  • Reduction of waste and the consumption of consumables (materials, fuel and energy)
  • Use products that minimise environmental impact in production, use and disposal.
  • Reduce or eliminate the production of polluting releases to the environment.

The Company will:

  • Encourage full participation from all its employees by carrying out appropriate training.
  • Ensure where legislation does not exist, that the Company set their own standards incorporating best industry practice in comparable activities.
Green business